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Older people’s sex life: How to enjoy sex as you get older?

There is a misconception among many young people about the intimate life of older people who are perceived as asexual and not interested in sex. Some even believe that it can be dangerous for their health. This is not true – sex is for everyone! There are no psychological or physiological reasons to give up sex at an older age. Older people can and want to lead a fulfilling erotic life and derive joy and vitality from it.

Sex is health

Sex, regardless of the age of the couple, is an important part of their life together, just like porno ficken. It is not only a source of pleasure and fun. It also contributes to the improvement of health, as well as the mental and physical condition of the body. 

Under the influence of sex, endorphins are released, which improve mood and reduce stress, increase resistance to fatigue and act as natural painkillers (e.g., help relieve arthritic and rheumatic pain). 

Regular sexual intercourse helps strengthen muscles throughout the body and improves the functioning of the circulatory system, immune system, and nervous and immune systems. It often works better than a fad diet or strenuous exercise. It also improves metabolism, since during intercourse we burn fat and calories nicely and efficiently.

Sex is a source of satisfaction and joy not only among young people.

Older people also lead successful and active erotic lives. Some even say that it was only in their middle age that they began to appreciate their sensuality. 

Under the influence of hormonal changes that occur around the age of 60, men and women begin to show similar sexual needs. Partners become more aware of their own desires and expectations and are not ashamed to communicate them. They know their bodies, they know what they like and what they do not accept. 

After retirement, they live unhurriedly and have more time for themselves. They become more relaxed because they don’t have to get up every morning for a stressful job and take care of children who have grown up and moved out of the family home. They also stop being afraid of having an unwanted pregnancy. It is at this stage of life that sex is no longer subordinate to procreation and begins to serve only for pleasure and fun. The lack of pressure and freedom means that couples thrive sexually and their sexual relationship improves.

Porn use and its consequences

There are hundreds of porn sites to view this material. But its use can become harmful to health, more in an elderly person, that is why it is recommended to limit the consumption of porn videos, use your time to do other activities, such as those you will find below in this post.

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Long and successful sexual life of the elderly.

Human sexuality changes throughout life. Retirement does not mean the end of sexual activity, but it may be associated with some problems in this area. 

Declining sexual performance happens to both women and men, but in most cases it can be remedied. Accept that your current erotic life is different from your teenage one. Check out what is good for you and boldly reach for the pleasures.

What can each of us do to improve the quality of our sex life and enjoy it as long as possible?  

  • Take care of your health. Regularly visit specialists (gynecologist, andrologist, urologist, sexologist, endocrinologist) and undergo preventive examinations, for example, control of cholesterol levels . Follow the recommendations of doctors and take medications and preparations prescribed by them. However, remember to adjust the intensity of the sensations to your abilities and current state of health.
  • During menopause , women may experience pain during sexual intercourse due to dryness of the vagina. Make sure your vagina is well hydrated and use lubricants. Open yourself to new sexual positions that can reduce discomfort and restore the joy of intercourse.
  • Men in the period of andropause are exposed to a decrease in sexual performance. In case of potency problems, contact a specialist who will apply the appropriate treatment and select pharmacological agents. Do not delay to consult your doctor, as erection problems can also be one of the symptoms of heart disease or diabetes. Make love regularly. Open yourself to new sexual behaviors and remember that you don’t always have to be fully erect to satisfy your partner and achieve the satisfaction of being close.
  • Eat a balanced, healthy diet. Avoid cholesterol and stop using stimulants (alcohol, coffee, cigarettes).
  • Stay physically active and practice sports: walking, gymnastics or cycling. However, avoid overexertion, so as not to overload your heart and the whole organism.
  • Take care of the closeness and quality of communication in your relationship. The mutual relationship and the emotional relationship with a partner contribute to a successful sex life.
  • Change the way you think about sex. Remember that you don’t always have to pursue the complete sexual act, which is vaginal penetration and ends with ejaculation. Focus on seeking sensual pleasure and building a bond with your partner. Open yourself to new forms of stimulation (touching, caressing or massage) that can also be a source of pleasure and satisfaction.
  • Strengthen your self-esteem. Accept the changes that have occurred in your body over the years, but continue to take care of your outward appearance. Go to the hairdresser, do your make-up, buy a nice dress or an elegant suit. If you feel like it, get sexy underwear and wear it without embarrassment. See a beautiful woman and a handsome man in yourself. If you become attractive to yourself, others will see you that way too.

It is time to get rid of stereotypes about the sexuality of older people and people in late adulthood. Sex has no expiration date and is not reserved exclusively for the young. No one is too old to derive strength and joy from it. Older people also have sexual needs and want to satisfy them, and if they want to, they can. So don’t be shy and, regardless of age, enjoy sex to the fullest.